Rev. Erin Hensley


In June of 2015, Erin arrived at St. Alban’s and in August was installed as the Sixth Rector of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church. She’s excited about her role as God’s storyteller, sacrament bearer, and pastor to and equipper of saints (all the baptized) for ministry. Erin considers serving as the Rector among the generous, joyful, spiritually hungry people of St. Alban’s a privilege and a joy. She has a passion for authentic community that looks inward and outward, mirroring the very life of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. She came to St. Alban’s from St. John’s Roanoke, Virginia, where she served a little over six years. Her ministry at St. John’s began with a focus on overseeing eight signature outreach ministries, hospitality for newcomers, server scheduling, as well as sharing in sacramental, preaching, teaching and pastoral visitation duties. In 2010, her focus shifted to newcomer incorporation, oversight for small groups and young adult ministries, pastoral care ministries (2010-2012), parish wide events, and nurturing lay leaders for these areas. From February to May of 2013, Erin, alongside the other associate, served as Acting Co-Rectors, successfully leading a large parish prior to the Interim’s arrival. Prior to her time at St. John’s, she served as the Assistant to the Rector for Youth and Young Adult Ministries at St. Alban’s Parish in Washington, DC. Erin graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2007 and from Guilford College with a double major in sociology and elementary education in 1999. A native of Jackson, Tennessee, Erin and her husband Sam enjoy being with their son Micah most of all. They also love spending time with friends, their beagle Sprig, and listening to good music.

Catherine LaGrone

Director of Family Ministries

Catherine LaGrone holds a Masters Degree in Education and has been doing Children’s Ministry for nine years. She has been the Director of Children’s Ministry at St. Alban’s for the past six years. Her teaching approach takes all children’s learning styles, abilities, and personalities into account. Catherine strives to provide nurturing, relevant spiritual formation for all children ages 3 years to sixth grade. In September of 2017, Catherine became the Director of Family Ministries which expanded her role to 30 hours and encompasses nursery care (birth) through 6th grade. She also assists with and is a consultant for youth programming.

Lisa Perez

Youth Minister; Communications Officer

Lisa Perez has been the Youth Minister since 2012. A certified teacher, she develops and implements programs for seventh through twelfth grades. Lisa’s passion is to support youth in their spiritual formation as they navigate their teenage years. Her goal is to provide programs and instruction that help youth build a faith, and faith community, that will stick with them into adulthood. As of January 2017, Lisa is also the Communications Officer. In this role, she handles communication with the Parish and the wider community by overseeing the website, writing the weekly all-parish emails, keeping the Facebook Page current with meaningful content, as well as formatting/writing the Sunday Worship bulletins and announcement inserts.

Patt Brower


Patt Brower is experienced in the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds. She has handled multi-million dollar budgets including varied stakeholders- staff, grant recipients, contractors and issues of compliance, too. Her passions are transparent financial reporting and streamlining processes, especially in the not-for-profit world where mission is key.