Together with God’s help, Rector and elected Vestry listen to and for God. We consider the skills and needs of St. Alban’s parishioners and the wider community, articulate God’s mission for St. Alban’s here and now, and manage resources accordingly.

The vestry is similar to the board of a non-profit and at St. Alban’s we have 9 vestry members, with three vestry members rotating off and three new vestry members being elected each year.

The vestry is the legal representative of the parish with matters dealing with property and finance.

The Vestry meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month in the Parish Life Center. Parishioners are welcome. The first ten minutes are especially parishioner questions and comments.

The Rector is the presiding officer of the vestry.
The Senior Warden is the leading lay leader of a parish charged with being the Rector’s main discerning partner and leadership in the absence of a rector.
The Junior Warden focus on church facilities and property.
The Clerk ensures that approved minutes are taken and posted.
The Treasurer liaisons between vestry and bookkeeper and leads the vestry with faithful stewarding of the financial resources of this parish.
Wardens are vestry members and clerk and treasurer may may not also be vestry members.

Dr. Gwendolyn Hustvedt's picture

Dr. Gwendolyn Hustvedt

Paul Viehman's picture

Paul Viehman

Junior Warden
Marcy Leonard's picture

Marcy Leonard

Vestry Member
Robert (Bob) Terrell Jr.'s picture

Robert (Bob) Terrell Jr.

Vestry Member
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Annette Greenfield

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Amy McWhorter

Vestry Member
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Donald (Don) Pitts

Vestry Member
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Claudia McKee

Senior Warden
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Steven (Steve) Martel Jr.

Vestry Member