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The Time Has Come... return to two services! We resumed our two-service schedule this Sunday, Sept. 2.  
9:00 a.m.  Holy  Eucharist,  Rite  II  with  Children’s  Chapel   
10:15-11:00 a.m.  Christian Education  for  All  Ages    
11:15 a.m.  Holy Eucharist,  Rite  II  with  Children’s  Chapel  and  Choir    
12:30 - 2:30p.m. Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) 
Nursery  Care  is  available  8:45  a.m.–12:35  p.m.  Coffee and light refreshments are available after  both  services with your help. gather for a mid-week Holy Eucharist! St. Alban’s will be offering a spoken informal Holy Eucharist on Wednesdays at Noon. See you there! welcome our new seminarian! Jonathan McManus Dail is sponsored for ordination by the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina and hails from a small city in eastern North Carolina. He comes to St. Alban’s as a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, Duke Divinity School, and two years of residency in Clinical Pastoral Education with an emphasis on mental health. Jonathan loves the Lord, the Episcopal Church, and his wife Lizzie, who is the new Minister for Children and Families at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.  He will begin as seminarian on Sunday, September 2. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, hiking, and good conversation over good food!  He and Lizzie also have two wonderful and beloved cats, Burt and Mary Poppins.      

Jonathan is a Diploma of Anglican Studies (DAS) student at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest, which is a one-year program for those seeking ordination in the Episcopal Church.  DAS students have a Master of Divinity from a non-Episcopal school or have begun studying for Episcopal ordination with a diocesan school or program. Make sure to introduce yourself to Jonathan (and wear your nametag!) this Sunday – his first as St. Alban’s seminarian! 

Community of Hope Training  Have you ever been sharing something important with someone and thought, "they're a really good listener!"? Or, have you ever been in a situation where you were listening to someone share something difficult and couldn't think of the right way to respond? Listening can be learned! Community of Hope (CoH) is a nurturing community, steeped in Benedictine spirituality with the purpose of serving others through compassionate listening. CoH members at St. Alban's use the skills and insight gained during CoH training in discerning how we are called to serve God’s purpose.  CoH members are business owners, full-time employees, and volunteers working with youth or driving homebound friends to appointments, visiting the sick, and sharing the Eucharist.  We are all called.  

CoH is a school for God’s service.  St. Alban’s is pleased to offer a training that begins Thursday, September 6th and runs every Thursday from 6:00-9:30 p.m. until the beginning of November.  Dinner, materials, and fellowship with and support from current Community of Hope Lay Chaplains, and speakers are included each Thursday. To sign up for the training or to find out more information, please contact Katherine Muhlenbruch at (512) 567-4540. 

Coffee Hosts The people of St. Alban’s love to be together! One opportunity for this is during coffee hour following the service. When we return to two services on September 2, we will only be able to have coffee hour at 10:00 a.m. (after the 9:00 a.m. service). With a few more helping hands, 5 new teams of 2 people each, we’ll be able to have it after the 11:15 a.m. service as well. Want to bring some goodies (picked up or homemade), brew coffee, and make a new friend to help keep the feast? Contact Coffee Host Coordinator Mary Capps at

Our plants are thirsty!   Wanted: volunteers to water the Remembrance Garden, Butterfly Garden and other island that grace our upper parking area.  We provide the water, the hoses and the plants.  You provide the talent and time to water.  Bonus - quiet time to enjoy the hummingbirds and the beauty of the hilltop.  Sometimes there are bunnies!  Right now we are down to three water whisperers, which just isn't sustainable.  Ideally we'd love 8-10 people to cover vacations and perhaps work together.  Interested?  Contact Elizabeth Hinson at

The Gift of a New Sign  St. Alban’s is grateful to Mrs. Nannette Musgrave, wife of the late Rev. John B. Musgrave, St. Alban's Rector from 1994-1999 for a special dedicated financial gift. Her gift was given to honor her husband's passion for evangelism to build a permanent sign structure for increased visibility. Parishioner Bev Drawe worked with an architect, an engineer, A&E Sign Designs, and your vestry. Rev. Erin worked with Mrs. Musgrave for this project. Together, we have created a sign that will guide folks to St. Alban’s for years to come. Work has already begun. Thank you to Mrs. Nannette Musgrave for the gift of $7,000 towards this sign!

Parish Announcements Want something about your ministry in the bulletin announcement insert, weekly eNews, St. Alban's Facebook page, and/or parish website? Send information to St. Alban's Communication Officer Lisa Perez at Even if the meeting is a recurring one, please make sure to contact Lisa so that we double check that it's on the parish calendar in the parish office and we get out timely reminders.

Want something in the spoken announcements or do you want to make a spoken parish ministry related announcement on a Sunday? Contact Rev. Erin, 512-282-5631 (office), or 512-297-9981 (cell). 

Parish Prayer Lists  St. Alban’s maintains two separate parish prayer lists. One is public, and is published each Sunday in the worship bulletin. Names remain on this list for a month, unless Rev. Erin is contacted to renew that request. The second prayer list is unpublished and confidential, maintained by the Daughters of the King.

In the New Year, the ongoing prayers lists will get a fresh start. If you want to continue, add, or update a request, please let Rev. Erin (published list) or Diane Veihman (unpublished/confidential list) know by the morning of  Dec. 28th.

Rev. Erin (512) 282-5632 or                  Diane (832) 407-5041 or

Large Print Worship Materials: Large print materials for Sunday morning worship are available in the Narthex (lobby) of the church. Please return the large print materials after the service.

Our Volunteer Receptionist team is the best! They answer phones, open doors, offer hospitality to visitors, help with copies, office tasks, and much more… and do it all with a joyful spirit. The staff is so thankful for them! If you would like to join this team, we are in need of someone to take on the Monday afternoon slot. Also, if this sounds like something you could do occasionally but not every week, it would be great to have a list of substitute receptionists for when our team members are out of town. Please contact Rev. Erin ( for more information.