What is a Vestry?
The Vestry has a similar function to the board of directors of a non-profit. Our vestry has 9 members who serve 3-year terms. We elect three new members each year. Vestry members work closely with the Rector to support the life of the parish. They vote on the budget and make sure we spend wisely. They have specific duties on Sunday mornings and may serve on committees or support the ministries of the parish in other ways. They help envision and prepare for the next stage in the life of St. Alban’s.

Requirements to Serve as a Vestry Member
 at least 18 years old
 baptized (in any Christian tradition) and also confirmed/received into the Episcopal Church
 a member on St. Alban's parish rolls
 faithful participant in worship and parish activities
 give financially to St. Alban's

Vestry typically meets from 12:30pm-2:00pm, the fourth Sunday of every month. Nominees need to be able to attend monthly meetings, serve occasionally as Vestry Person of the Service and attend periodic subcommittee meetings.

Rev. Peggy ( & Sr. Warden Jennifer Cawley ( are receiving nominations until Mon., Dec. 30 at 9:00a.m.

You can nominate yourself or another person (so long as they have consented.)

+ The Senior Warden is the leading lay leader of a parish charged with being the Rector’s main discerning partner and leadership in the absence of a rector.
+ The Junior Warden focus on church facilities and property.
+ The Clerk ensures that approved minutes are taken and posted.
+ The Treasurer is the liaison between vestry and bookkeeper and leads the vestry with faithful stewarding of the financial resources of this parish.

Jennifer Cawley's picture

Jennifer Cawley

Senior Warden
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Donald (Don) Pitts

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Steven (Steve) Martel Jr.

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Jimmie (Liz) Swofford

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Roxanne Voglezon

Vestry Member

Penelope Ray

Vestry Member
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Rosemary Cole

Vestry Member
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Tanyia Conner

Vestry Member
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Carolyn Dyer

Junior Warden