Rector’s Welcome

Welcome to St. Alban’s!

The search is over! We are honored to announce that the Reverend Erin Hensley has answered our call to be the new rector of St. Alban’s.

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We are happy you have found us and we want you to feel at home.
If you are looking for a place to belong, come on in. You will find a warm welcome among a diverse group of people who will delight in getting to know you with all the unique gifts you have to share and who will gladly share our gifts with you. Don’t worry about fitting in; you will.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your blessings or to sustain you in times of need, come on in. St. Alban’s is a safe place, an understanding place, a supportive place. You will find God’s love here.

If you are looking for a place where you will become closer to God, come on in, questions and all. We are not afraid of uncertainty. Rather, we grow closer to God, each and every one of us, as we worship, learn, break bread, serve, and laugh together. We celebrate Holy Eucharist every Sunday and are nourished by the bread and the wine transformed by the Holy Spirit for the transformation of our

And yes, we do have three parish dogs, who receive their blessings at the altar when we receive communion. They are trained assistance dogs, and their presence among us is part of their ongoing training.