God calls each of us to participate in the life of our parish family in different ways. When we answer ‘yes’ to that call, we can do much more together than we can do alone. At St. Alban’s, we strive to be faithful stewards of the gifts God has given us. Our Finance Committee, Vestry, and Rector are committed to using the gifts given by parishioners through financial pledges and other offerings to further God's mission through St. Alban’s.

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Stewardship Moments

The following reflections on stewardship were shared by anonymous parishioners during the Fall of 2016. Their insight and vulnerability are appreciated!

In a time where it feels that divisions within our country and our world threaten to tear apart any hope that a single light shining in the darkness will make any difference, or that the problems we are surrounded with seem too big for a single person to make any difference, a single act of giving makes me feel like I'm part of something again. A charitable deed can empower a person in ways that are not immediately felt, be it giving financially to a church or cause, or giving of your time to a fellow member of the community. Such an act shores up the soul, for me... a deed done, like that, lay on my mind like the reassuring weight of an old quilt. In trying times, when I don't feel like I can do anything right, I remember that, and it gives me strength.

There are all sorts of references to receiving when we give, both within scripture and without. It is a fundamental truth, across the borders of culture and time, that giving of oneself, helping one another, makes the community stronger for it. A small act can have a remarkable effect which is more than the sum of its parts, which grows all the more with each giver. The bottom line is this... that to give to your community, to your church, to your neighbors, is an act of love... and to love and help one another, in whatever way we are able, is to be part of, and to know, the love of God.


St. Alban’s has given me a place where I feel safe, loved and supported when everything else in my life was chaotic and scary.  The peace and serenity that these walls and the people within them have given to me is tremendous.  I am forever grateful for the fellowship and every warm smile, hug and handshake I receive when I walk through those doors. 

I give to God’s mission through St. Alban’s to help support the ministry of its leaders and members in anticipation of helping the next person who walks through those doors that needs to know the Lord’s love, when all hope seems lost.  I give with a cheerful heart of thanksgiving and honor that His work will continue to provide for the needs of the people, because no one is exempt from the trials of the world.


My reason for giving financially to fund God's mission through St. Alban's is to give back to God a portion of what I have in thanksgiving for what he has given me. God through Christ has blessed me in my life in many ways. This giving includes not only monetary but using my time and talent to further His kingdom. I leave how the monetary amount is used to the elected leadership of the vestry; I give the gift with joy and with trust.